Discover Masainas by its culinary delights

Our lands are cultivated with the Sardinian spiny artichockes (P.D.O. Protected Designation of Origin) and the sweetest grapes of the Carignano wine.


The Carignano grapevines gently shape the hills that go down to the coast melting with the surrounding nature. These grape varieties cover the territory of Masainas, which is one of the biggest producer of the South West of Sardinia. 

The Carignano wine of Sulcis has a ruby color as intense as its flavour; smell is also intense with a dry, savory and harmonic flavour. Besides the red and rosé variety, the Carignano is traditionally produced as “riserva”, “novello”, “superiore” and “passito”.  The red wine is velvety, extraordinarily well-balanced, for these charcteristics it is strongly renowned internationally and comparable with high elité wines. After a period of ageing in barrels, the wine grows its qualities like the typical ruby intense color, scent of currants and prunes, and a warm, intense and persistent taste.

It is excellent with wild game or first dishes made of meat, Carignano  represents the symbol of the agricultural industry of Masainas. Local farmers keep on treasuring the old tradition of wine-making taking care of grapevines and creating one of the best Bacchus’ juice.


At the end of  the Fifties artichokes were brought in southern Sulcis by young farmers from Decimoputzu and so its plantation started. 

Due to a favourable climate (winter freezing is very rare) and to excellent economic results, the plantation spread rapidly and reached high levels of production.    

Despite the strong competition with north-african products, the production of artichokes has an important role in the economy of Masainas.

Artichoke is not only a delicious and versatile vegetable for cooking, but has very important healing and antioxidant properties. 


A great way to savour artichokes is to eat them raw with a bit of oil of olives, lemon, salt and garlic, and for those who like the taste, try it with some bottarga on top, the result is delicious.


From the land to your table, sharing our culinary traditions

Here some recipes  with the spiny artichocke as main carachter