Spiaggia Sa Salina Masainas


The cultivated lands seem to draw a landscape through the variation of colors and geometric shapes. 

The hills are covered with mediterranean scents of Carignano grapes, mirto, juniper, rockrose, broom, strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo).

The intense smell of the sea mixes with the fragrance of native plants like Juniper and Aleppo pine.


Is Solinas is one of the longest beach in the south west of Sardinia as the sandy shore expands for one chilometer all the way up to the Gulf of Palmas.

Due to the Isle of Sant’Antioco position, the beach is well preserved from strong winds and it’s the ideal beach for spending an entire day with friends and family.


Not far from the town center and just before the sea, the ponds of Baiocca and Porto Botte gained the official recognition as Sites of Community Interest (SCI) by European community.

Their habitat is rich of vegetable and animal spieces, it is an ideal area for trekking and birdwatching, here you can spot herons, the black-winged stilt, swamp-hawks and the fancy pink flamingos.

There are many mammals living the area as well,  such as foxes, wild rabbits, hares, martens and weasels.

Sa Salina beach

Capre al pascolo a Masainas - Fotografia di Mauro Innocenti©

Goats walking

Campagne di Masainas

Fields in bloom

Panoramica stagni Masainas

Panoramic ponds along the cycle path

Fenicotteri Masainas

Flamingos in Masainas

Crystal clear waters in Sa Salina

Fenicotteri in volo a Masainas sullo Stagno di Porto Botte

Ponds SIC area

Mare a Masainas

Masainas coast

Area SIC a Masainas

Baiocca pond in SIC area